Sunday, February 7, 2010

Perfect Pocket Pets... we ARE, but we hate them. Does that make sense?

Some people wonder what we have against places like Perfect Pocket Pets.  I mean we ARE perfect, right?  Yeah, but the lies they tell about us cat get us killed by a cat, or land us with Hind Leg Paralysis from a calcium deficiency. And THAT is far from perfect.  So here ya go, from Spin4Suggies,

1.        They lie about where their gliders come from
2.        Their gliders are often sick with giardia and/or coccydia which can kill the gliders and is transferrable to your other pets and even to people
3.        They lie about proper sugar glider care and nutrition
4.        The gliders they sell are often underweight
5.        The gliders they sell have often been taken from their parents too young and are not ready to be on their own
6.        Their cages are too small to be suitable for gliders
7.        Their products, including the cages, diet components, pouches, and the gliders themselves are extremely over priced
8.        Their gliders often come from mill breeding facilities where gliders are kept in over crowed, unsanitary conditions
9.        They advocate the use of heat rocks which are both unnecessary and dangerous for gliders
10.     They took it upon themselves to change the name of an entire species from sugar glider to “sugar bear” just to keep you from finding good care, information, and advice when you look up the animal on the internet
11.     They tell you that these are easy animals to care for when they actually have special needs
12.     They tell you not to listen to anyone but them out of fear that you will find out they are lying to you about these animals
13.     They will not allow you to tour their facility or see in person where their gliders are born and raised
14.     Their gliders have often been severely inbred leading to deformities and genetic issues like HLP (Hind Leg Paralysis)
15.     They tell you these animals never need vet care when they actually DO need vet care and can ONLY be seen by glider knowledgeable exotic vets
16.     They tell you sugar gliders will get along with your other pets, when in reality, it is dangerous to let your other pets near a sugar glider as the glider might be injured or even eaten
17.     They tell you sugar gliders can survive on nothing but glide-r-chow, glide-a-mins, bread, and apples… in reality, they need a specific calcium to phosphorous ratio and a specific amount of protein in their diet.
18.     They tell you gliders do not smell if you do not feed them meat… first of all, they are NOT vegetarians, they are OMNIVORES and they REQUIRE a protein (meat) source in their diet and second of all, the MALES all have SCENT GLANDS on their heads and their chests… they will always have SOME scent once they hit puberty, and the ONLY way to lessen the odor at all is to have them neutered.
19.     They don’t tell you important glider facts like how some are prone to a problem called SM (Self-Mutilation) where if they feel pain they are capable to EATING holes in their own bodies to “dig in to find the pain” and they can KILL THEMSELVES by doing so.
20.     They claim the products they sell are manufactured by them… but they are actually PURCHASED by them and then repackaged with a new label, so they are taking credit for someone else’s work.

By the way, if you are reading a site that PRAISES PPP chances are they OWN it. Like...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hissing Cockroaches are DEEEEELISH!

The other day we had our friends from MWPCC over to enjoy a delicious snack... Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches! Oh they are DELECTABLE!

They are also the exception to one of our family rules that really annoys us. NOBODY IN THE FAMILY IS ALLOWED TO EAT ANYBODY ELSE IN THE FAMILY.

We HATE that rule. Because we are "family" with parakeets, lizards, all delicious things for suggies. Family... Pffft! But that's the rule and Mama will not budge.

EXCEPT for hissers. The adults, those she names and keeps as pets, but their BABIES, she raises to sell, some as pets, but SOME as FEEDERS and that means feeders to US too! NUMMY YUMMY!

Friday, January 8, 2010


So, Human Mama is apparently lonely. WHY? She has US! We should really be enough to entertain her, but for some dumb reason she wants to meet more people in the real world. But at least she's smart enough to know she should hang out with people who understand us sugar gliders. People who don't might think she is weird for keeping little marsupials in a pouch in her shirt, and occasioanlly her bra. They might not understand why WE are the most important part of her social life. So at least if she hangs around with other humans who have suggies they can relate to each other as sugar mamas and sugar daddies. Unfortunately, here in Utah there aren't a LOT of us sugar glider and human families to play with. So she has to use the internet to find them. So she started this club:

Mountain West Pocket Critters Conference

On the other hand, we are never lonely. The 3 of us never separate EVER. Actually, once Mama accidentally left Nani in the cage and took Lilo and me (Heber) in the bonding pouch and thought she had all 3. I sort of freaked out. I jumped on her hand and even bit her and jumped to the stairs. She she rain to the stairs and then I climbed back up into the pouch. I was nicer once we headed back towards the cage and Mama knew I was pulling a Lassie and wanted to go there, and there she found Nani, all alone. He told me I was a hero and gave me a treat.

Because, yeah, we do NOT like to be apart... not ever.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sharing is hard.

Our Human Mama often brings us with her shopping. We like the sway of our bonding pouch as she walks and usually just nap as she runs errands, except for Heber who peaks his head out all the time to see if there are new people to meet. One of our favorite places to go is PetCo because pets are ALLOWED in there so she never says Shhhhh.... or makes Heber go back down into the bag.

So we are IN PetCo and she is buying WONDERFUL things. CRICKETS. Some supplement Mealworms (she raises her own, but we are in a really weird lull between "crops" and everything is a beetle or a teensy mealie). We were there and SAW her buy these treats.

But then we get home.

Guess who she gives the crickets? Legolass, Mab, and Oberon! The Long-Tailed Grass Lizard and green tree frogs, themSELVES delicious snacks except for the dang family rule (Nobody in the Family is Allowed to Eat Anybody Else in the Family) And the lion's share of the mealies? JACK the new little baby Leopard Gecko she thinks is SOOOOO cute. CUTE?! Again... Lizard=SNACK FOOD. But whatever. nSHe WON'T let us eat him. She thinks he's almost as cute as us. But not quite. OBVIOUSLY.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wanna Meet us in Real Life?

So, we are VERY popular gliders. We have friends all over the world through Twitter and Facebook. But our human mama would also like some of this face-to-face thing. So, she is trying to pull together the Mountain West Pocket Critters Conference! It's a club for sugar gliders and their people and even other small exotics and their people to meet in PERSON (or, you know, in CRITTER) in and around Utah. So if that's you, you should join.

Monday, November 23, 2009

We love holidays

We love Thanksgiving time so we are very excited for it! Our Human Mama gives us little bits of many of the foods they eat! So many glider safe foods at Thanksgiving! Now if only we could convince them to have a mealworm salad instead or a Jello one.

But Mmmmm.... Turkey! Sweet Potatoes! Carrots! Green beans! Green Salads! The list goes on! YUM... Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the Click?

Clicker training? What does she think we are, golden retrievers?! Mom thinks she might try to clicker train us to come when she clicks, stuff like that. Well, we are not impressed! Okay, so far she is just giving us bits of Yoggies when she clicks, so, though the sound is REALLY annoying (we have very sensitive ears) we can put up with that. For now.

We <3 Twitter! ...prob'ly more than we love our REAL blog,

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