Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sharing is hard.

Our Human Mama often brings us with her shopping. We like the sway of our bonding pouch as she walks and usually just nap as she runs errands, except for Heber who peaks his head out all the time to see if there are new people to meet. One of our favorite places to go is PetCo because pets are ALLOWED in there so she never says Shhhhh.... or makes Heber go back down into the bag.

So we are IN PetCo and she is buying WONDERFUL things. CRICKETS. Some supplement Mealworms (she raises her own, but we are in a really weird lull between "crops" and everything is a beetle or a teensy mealie). We were there and SAW her buy these treats.

But then we get home.

Guess who she gives the crickets? Legolass, Mab, and Oberon! The Long-Tailed Grass Lizard and green tree frogs, themSELVES delicious snacks except for the dang family rule (Nobody in the Family is Allowed to Eat Anybody Else in the Family) And the lion's share of the mealies? JACK the new little baby Leopard Gecko she thinks is SOOOOO cute. CUTE?! Again... Lizard=SNACK FOOD. But whatever. nSHe WON'T let us eat him. She thinks he's almost as cute as us. But not quite. OBVIOUSLY.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wanna Meet us in Real Life?

So, we are VERY popular gliders. We have friends all over the world through Twitter and Facebook. But our human mama would also like some of this face-to-face thing. So, she is trying to pull together the Mountain West Pocket Critters Conference! It's a club for sugar gliders and their people and even other small exotics and their people to meet in PERSON (or, you know, in CRITTER) in and around Utah. So if that's you, you should join.

Monday, November 23, 2009

We love holidays

We love Thanksgiving time so we are very excited for it! Our Human Mama gives us little bits of many of the foods they eat! So many glider safe foods at Thanksgiving! Now if only we could convince them to have a mealworm salad instead or a Jello one.

But Mmmmm.... Turkey! Sweet Potatoes! Carrots! Green beans! Green Salads! The list goes on! YUM... Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the Click?

Clicker training? What does she think we are, golden retrievers?! Mom thinks she might try to clicker train us to come when she clicks, stuff like that. Well, we are not impressed! Okay, so far she is just giving us bits of Yoggies when she clicks, so, though the sound is REALLY annoying (we have very sensitive ears) we can put up with that. For now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Going Pro?!

Our Human Mom has been thinking about taking us a lot more often to do Educational shows. We have done a few classes at work, but she has been working with us so that we will be comfortable doing it more.

We will be teaching kids all about sugar gliders in the wild!

Bratanik will teach about Russian Tortoises, Tortuga will teach about RES Turtles, basically we are all going to be involved. (except Cali the cat, thanks goodness!)

Heber is pretty excited... Nani, not so much. What do you think. Are we ready to be PROFESSIONAL suggies?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

WE are against Gliders as Pets? What are We? Livestock?

We haven't been Tweeting a few days because Our Human Mom hasn't been feeling good, but we were catching up and found a WEIRD Tweet. It asked why we were SO AGAINST HAVING GLIDERS AS PETS.


Ummm, we are totally NOT against that. That's what WE are. Some people act like "pet" is a dirty word,m but really, it's not a bad gig. We get food and toys given to us and we are dotted on all the time. We rather like our Human Colony Memmbers. There are no Dingos or Owls inside our house, if we get sick we are taken care of (though that is not fun) and actually, we exotic domestics live pretty well... in fact, WELL TAKEN CARE OF pet Gliders live as many as 15 years where as our cousins out in the rainforests of Australia live an average of only 8! Heber is about THAT already! Yikes!

Where the girl got that idea, we figure is that everytime someone tweets stuff like "OMG I SAW A SHUGAR GLIDER AT A FAIR I BAI IT NOW!!!" it freaks us out. So we send out things like "We R CUTE but do ur homework! We r HIGH MAINTENANCE! Nocturnal, out of cage time, fresh food(not kibble), cagemates, etc."

That doesn't mean nobody should buy sugar gliders, geez! That just means if you DO you should FIRST no that we are not super easy pets, we like to play at NIGHT, we need to get OUT of our cage at least a few hours every day, we need a good balanced diet not some crappy pellet diet the mill breeders try to pawn off at a fair, and we don't do well by ourselves! IF by telling people these things BEFORE THEY ADOPT A GLIDER it makes them totally NOT want a glider then, yeah, maybe they shouldn't get one.

Personally, our Mama knew all this stuff and still got us girls... and then later, even after having us, wanted Heber too... and someday, if she can ever afford it wants to adopt more. So I REEEEEALLY don't think we, or she, are against having gliders as pets. Do you?

We are just against getting gliders as pets, and then putting them in a hamster cage or feeding them birdseed or repackaged cat food or getting them for your kids for a year and thenm deciding the next year that your kids are tired of them and to "trade up" for a puppy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

[Suggies] Who Twitter - An Introduction

So we should start this new blog with a little intro on us! We decided to do this survey style, and stole it from Even though we are NOT cats.

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)
We will probably go into more detail on this someday, individually, but for now... After She met her first glider (her brother's friend's pitiful creature named Killer Pouncing Sugar Weasel who later lived with us awhile while she got healthier and tamer and was then rehomed to a forever home where she could be cagemates with another female named Shakira) our Human Mom fell head over heals (as most do) but (as most DON'T) started researching so that she could provide us with the best care possible. So it was a couple years before she even got her first, which was Epiphany Jo aka: Nani, from breeder Rebecca of My Sugar High. - Heber

Shortly after that she was joined by Lilo, from breeder Elisabeth of My Sugar High (yeah, the humans are sisters... confusing enough for ya?). - Nani

THEN a year or so, came Heber! He was a rescue, originally from Texas (as best we can tell) from a very nice family who LOVED him but had been told a lot of crap about our care. (Birdseeds?! Fruit Cocktail?! Hamster Cage?! AAAAAAHH!!!) So he was pretty close to dying when they contacted Her and asked if our Mom would take him in which of course she did. Also, unlike many times, Heber didn't get rehomed because our Human just fell in LOVE with him and he became part of our colony. WE love him too! - Lilo

What do you call the humans you live with?
We call BethAnn Mama, Her, Mom, or Our Human. While we travel a bit with Mom, SHE is our constant.

The OTHER humans are in and out... We call Her roommate, well, just that. Her brother is, Her Brother or The Boy. *Her* Mom is Our Human's Mom or if we are feeling particularly familial, Grandma. Or sometimes, The Lady with the Treats... we LIKE being spoiled.

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?
We are PERFECT! What do you mean?

Oh, well, sometimes we bite The Boy, and Nani gets in crabby moods, and for some reason Mom does not like that we have learned to open cage doors. Now she LOCKS them at night which is very inconvenient when I want to LEAVE the cage and she is asleep. - Heber

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?
We have to share our Human with other animals which is very annoying. She tends to take in fosters and strays. Also, she has a Russian Tortoise called Bratanik, a Red Ear Slider Turtle called Tortuga, a couple of frogs called Fiona and Donkey, some fish, and most annoying of all She is friends with a Semi-Feral CAT named Cali who would very much like to eat us! Cali isn't allowed near us, of course, but we don't really like how much She LIKES Cali. I mean, it's not as if she is a sugar glider, after all.

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

@LuckyGlider is a great friend to suggies. They not only find homes for many sugar gliders out in Nevada, but are a good resource for glider information (have a great adaptation to HPW diet, etc), and spread the word about getting educated FIRST so that places like Perfect Pocket Pets don't continue to thrive and more gliders who NEED homes get FOREVER ones!

@kipluck is our Human Mom. She totally made us list her. Ha ha!

And 3 of the many fellow sugar gliders (or their humans)...
@Usha77 @Crockettsgirl @LilithGaea

@CaplinROUS is not a sugar glider. He is a Capybara, which is our Human's SECOND favorite animal (yes, we are the first.) but also our hero. He tweets, blogs, and is just AWESOME. We look up to him... unless we were in a tree, then we would look down on him. But in general, we totally want to be like him.
- Heber
And we don't even think of him as a large delicious mouse... usually. - Nani

I think he's cute. *giggle* -Lilo

We <3 Twitter! ...prob'ly more than we love our REAL blog,

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