Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sharing is hard.

Our Human Mama often brings us with her shopping. We like the sway of our bonding pouch as she walks and usually just nap as she runs errands, except for Heber who peaks his head out all the time to see if there are new people to meet. One of our favorite places to go is PetCo because pets are ALLOWED in there so she never says Shhhhh.... or makes Heber go back down into the bag.

So we are IN PetCo and she is buying WONDERFUL things. CRICKETS. Some supplement Mealworms (she raises her own, but we are in a really weird lull between "crops" and everything is a beetle or a teensy mealie). We were there and SAW her buy these treats.

But then we get home.

Guess who she gives the crickets? Legolass, Mab, and Oberon! The Long-Tailed Grass Lizard and green tree frogs, themSELVES delicious snacks except for the dang family rule (Nobody in the Family is Allowed to Eat Anybody Else in the Family) And the lion's share of the mealies? JACK the new little baby Leopard Gecko she thinks is SOOOOO cute. CUTE?! Again... Lizard=SNACK FOOD. But whatever. nSHe WON'T let us eat him. She thinks he's almost as cute as us. But not quite. OBVIOUSLY.

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