Friday, January 8, 2010


So, Human Mama is apparently lonely. WHY? She has US! We should really be enough to entertain her, but for some dumb reason she wants to meet more people in the real world. But at least she's smart enough to know she should hang out with people who understand us sugar gliders. People who don't might think she is weird for keeping little marsupials in a pouch in her shirt, and occasioanlly her bra. They might not understand why WE are the most important part of her social life. So at least if she hangs around with other humans who have suggies they can relate to each other as sugar mamas and sugar daddies. Unfortunately, here in Utah there aren't a LOT of us sugar glider and human families to play with. So she has to use the internet to find them. So she started this club:

Mountain West Pocket Critters Conference

On the other hand, we are never lonely. The 3 of us never separate EVER. Actually, once Mama accidentally left Nani in the cage and took Lilo and me (Heber) in the bonding pouch and thought she had all 3. I sort of freaked out. I jumped on her hand and even bit her and jumped to the stairs. She she rain to the stairs and then I climbed back up into the pouch. I was nicer once we headed back towards the cage and Mama knew I was pulling a Lassie and wanted to go there, and there she found Nani, all alone. He told me I was a hero and gave me a treat.

Because, yeah, we do NOT like to be apart... not ever.

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